Keep Your Day Job, Hustle at Night

August 26, 2018

People love to ask, when do I quit my job to work on my business full-time?

The logical answer is when your business is able to support you financially.

But the real question people are asking is, why do I need a day job when I can just be a business owner?

Your business will probably not be profitable or significantly profitable for years.

It’s in your best interest financially, to have a day job to pay your bills while you work on your business in your free time.

But people would rather drink a beer or two, stalk people on social media, watch the game, or binge a Netflix show. Who has the time or energy to work once regular working hours are over?

You have all types of personal errands and chores. Laundry, cleaning, dishes, family obligations.

After a long day at the office, it feels good to lay back and do nothing.

Work on my business? I barely even have time to workout, if I even workout at all.

What separates the winners is the amount of time and effort they put into their businesses.

How you spend your free time is one of the most significant causes of your success or failure.

Everyone is tired. Everyone would rather watch 3-6 episodes of their favorite shows at night.

Who has the energy to work another 3-6 hours at night on their businesses? Or even another 15-20 hours a week?

People would rather spend their Sunday mornings at brunch drinking mimosas with their friends, than go to the coffee shop and work on their side hustle.

No one glorifies the grind. Everyone wants to fast forward to the championship game like in the movies.

But the most critical part of winning is the countless hours and days of preparation and training before they even step into the arena.

Keep your day job. I know you hate it. I know you want to work for yourself. But take the time to be financially stable while working on your business.

The problem with going full-time too soon is that your business decisions will be highly dependent on the short term gains and profits to keep you financially afloat, despite the fact that these short term decisions will be the reason your business doesn’t succeed.

Always aim for the long-term. When building your business, think about it like growing a tree. It’s going to take a significant amount of time to grow the tree large enough to support a treehouse.

Things don’t happen overnight.

Success is the result of working when everyone else is resting, partying, or wasting time.

What can you do today that will get you closer to your dreams and goals? What small actions can you take every single day that will get you closer to your dreams?

Look for something small and build from there.

Can you take a class to learn something new that you have always been interested in for an hour a night?

Can you take an hour every night to workout?

Can you take an hour every night to write and post blog articles to you website?

Can you take an hour to cold-email potential clients for your side business?

Can you take an hour a day to meditate?

Whether your goal is to start your own business. To improve yourself physically. To improve your spiritual side.

Take time everyday to build toward those goals.

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