The Story Behind the Design – Always On Point

August 25, 2017

In the movie, Wolf of Wall Street, right after Donnie eats the goldfish sashimi in the office. He walks away and yells, “Everyone on point!”

That’s where I got the idea of being “Always On Point”.

Right before competition, clear your mind and focus on the end goal. 

The point guard on the basketball team sets up the plays. 

In a military squad, the leader takes point when executing a mission.

You need to be at the top of your game, always.

No distractions. Focused, concentrated, and executing perfectly.

Sharp as a scalpel. Sharpened like a spear.

If you are going 1-on-1 against me and you are feeling a little tired, I guarantee I am going to destroy you.

I don’t slip up. I don’t drop the ball. I ball out.

Are you ready? Because I’m always on point.

That’s what it means to be Always On Point.


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