The Story Behind the Design – Clutch

August 29, 2017

What does it mean to be clutch?

It means that your team can count on you when the game is on the line.

When there is one last play, who do you throw the ball to?

When there is time for one more shot, who takes the shot?

If you’re clutch, you take the shot, you get targeted for the touch down, you swing for a homer when the bases are loaded.

When you’ve been beaten the entire match, do you dig down deep inside and fight for the victory?

When all the cards are on the table, are you the one everyone can count on to win?

The thick line at the bottom shows when it comes down to the wire, who will get to the finish line first? 

You need to earn the reputation of being clutch. Your performance needs to be clutch.

Earn the title “Clutch” with this shirt.


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